Affordable backup battery solutions for your home or business






A scalable, residential powerhouse with 5kW output, and expandable storage from 13kWh to 39 kWh!  This indoor/outdoor package is modular and wall-mountable, maximizing flexibility for site installations.  Fully loaded to run solar self-consumption, with or without time of use tariffs, selectable solar export permissions*, storm watch battery reserve controls*, and more.


Power resiliency to the home is achieved using our fully automated transfer panel with independent solar and load curtailment* to keep you running through multi-day grid outages.






StoreEdge™ Products for On-grid Applications & Backup Power SolarEdge’s StorEdge™ DC coupled storage solution automatically provides homeowners with backup power in case of grid interruption, and allows home owners to maximize self-consumption and to enable energy independence.








Harbor Flex™ Powered by Panasonic

Li-ion Battery Technology | HarborFlex

Directly couples to X7600 and X11400 Islanding Inverters™ 4 Panasonic Li-ion Battery Modules 30% more power capacity than other DC-coupled systems


Install Harbor in less than one hour Floor standing, wall-secured design Installer-portable design



Pika Energy, Inc. is a leading U.S. manufacturer of clean energy products including solar inverters, DC converters and power optimizers. Pika Energy manufactures high-efficiency, bidirectional inverters and power converters and substring solar optimizers.


The award-winning Pika Energy Island™ uses a single islanding inverter and smart batteries to turn any building into a smart, clean energy nanogrid.


Electric Companies have cut power to over 800,000 homes due to high winds in Southern California. We will help you find the right backup battery to ensure your lights will stay on during an emergency.


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